When you trust the Professionals to know what you don't

We guide you in finding the best solution to your question

When you've painted yourself into a corner and the IT stuff makes no sense we advise you turn Back to Basics and call Computer Basics

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We offer webdevelopment, guides, training and support


Webhosting & Ecommerce


  • Create your own Website
  • Start an Online Store
  • Establish a Public Profile
  • Market your Business
  • Easy and Secure
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Hourly Rates

  • Website & e-Commerce
  • We can teach you to DIY
  • Your own Personal Developer
  • We provide continued support
  • Affordable and Safe
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Basic Training/Support

Prepaid & Hourly

  • No Clue Course
  • Back to Basics
  • Microsoft Office
  • General Support
  • Websites & Social Media
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"Create your own Website or Online Store with the no-code/low-code options with Beetroute"


The HauteOuma Shop was created with an easy template on the Beetroute Platform

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We build you a Professional Website, Blog or Online Store or teach you to do it yourself "


We have many happy clients
with the websites they can manage themselves.

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Why take our services?

When people are introduced to a new industry, field or concept they often feel a little intimidated by all the jargon. Computer Basics aim to turn the complicated into that Aha! moment by introducing you first to the basics. We will not talk over your head, confusing you into submission. Patience is our strong point!

A First Guidance Consultation

At a first Consultation we determine your needs, then we will point you in the right direction.

Discussing your Options

After determining your needs, we will discuss your various options, guiding you within our programs and systems.

Setting up Support & Communication

Location is no longer an issue. We will help you setup for improved communication during support and training.

Long term relationships

Computer Basics can easily become your go to support for a variety of questions, guidance and direction.

If you can Dream it, we can help you Create it

From managing your Windows computer to Custom Software, we work with the right people.