Computer Basics & HauteOuma

Computer Basics is the IT and Webdevelopment Division of the HauteOuma Female Hub - A place where we learn new skills, live our passions, grow businesses and expand our visions.

About Us

What will you learn?

You tell us what you want or need to do. Computer Basics will find the best and easiest routes for you to follow to make your dreams come true.  When technology is used efficiently it can not only save you a lot of money but also lots of time and headaches. Talk to us.

Two heads are better than One

Brainstorming around your idea or problem normally brings a lot of clarity, allowing you to take the next step forward.

Websites | Blogs | Marketing | e-Stores

Your website or blog serves as the display window of your business, may it be offering information, services or selling physical or digital products.

New knowledge brings new skills

Learn to successfully manage your website, blog or e-commerce store. Add marketing platforms, create digital content or marketing material.

Let tech give you access to the world

We guide you to use what you have to your benefit and recommend on specific software or hardware to improve your online experience.