We offer services with a twist to what you would expect



When you are not exactly sure where to start getting the Domain name, the Hosting, the Website, the Online Store and managing the lot, you need a person that has the patience to talk you through the steps and explain it all. That is the only way forward.



We have been where you are now, We've done what you want to do and we have the proof to show you a portfolio with websites, webstores, products and pages.  They have all been where you are now and Computer Basics turned them into happy clients.


On Point

Our support hours are flexible, onsite and remote. When you need support, you simply make a booking, you pay upfront per hour and we deduct support minutes in 15min increments which gives you the freedom to source support quickly and when you need it.

When you need an Online presence & Website


We use the Beetroute and Wordpress Content Management Platforms to create your Online spaces. Both platforms allow newbies to create their own websites with a little help from Computer Basics or we can do it all on your behalf. We can even help you create your website on a tight budget and layer the cost, which allows your website to grow with your business.

When you need to fine tune your products

Product Creation

You already have your products and/or services you want to show the world, but creating marketing content, photographing your products, editing the images, structuring categories and other aspects of creating products might pose a problem. No problem, you ask and we help by either doing the work for you, or teaching you to use your tools.

Is your laptop making you feel incompetent

Software training

There are so many software tools available, it can make your head spin. Computer Basics will guide you in using the tools that are right for you and for the purposes you need them.  Always keeping your budget in mind, finding ways of getting the job done without breaking the bank. Software training is aimed at teaching the basics to get you started.

Embrace the freedom you gain with the ability to manage your Online and Offline tools.

Be Creative Be Free

We can not all be artists but with the right guidance we can all be creative in our chosen field or industry. Show the world on a Website or Blog or Store of your own.

Create a Blog or Magazine website

Blogs or Magazine style websites are the perfect platform to share your knowledge, arts, crafts, information, services and wisdom.  No Borders, the World is your backyard.

Create an Online Store for your Products

E-commerce is the shopping of the future. If your product or service is not available to purchase online...does it even exist? Sell Local, National or even International.

Create Products or Courses and teach

Any knowledge and expertise you have gained over the years can and should be shared with the world.
Learn, Do and Teach.
Pay it Forward and Teach the next 1

Grow your network, Grow your presence

An Online presence will open up a new world to allow you to grow a network of like-minded individuals, enhancing your business and your industry. Harvest the offerings shared.